Who Are We? PeninsulaPoly Mk.1

Was a small bunch of people who got together a few times to try to straddle the canyon that is human relationships & sexuality.

It was a leap to far and my energy was broached when no one else wanted to step up and play a leadership role. I also didn’t provide clarity about the groups purpose and that certainly contributed to waning energy in all that attended.

Polyamory can genuinely work, but as I have come to understand, it will struggle to compete with marriage for two reasons;

1. Marriage has a head start (of a few hundred years or so), and

2. When you choose poly or ethical non-monogamy, you are on your own (no Church or State interference or assistance) because anything outside of the confines of marriage is still bordering on weird in the wide brown land (thanfully though, the wheels of change are turning).

On a positive note, the blog did survive. I will keep chipping away with posts putting my opinion out there for people to debate, slag off, moan about or maybe just like for helping to inform and provide a building block or two so we can all move forward to build a better society one day, for all.

I will keep me sane in an insane world.


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