The Science of Sex: what happens to our bodies when we’re aroused?

The science of sex: what happens to our bodies when we’re aroused?
“They don’t talk about the very natural reason to want to have sex, which is pleasure.”

I found this an interesting read. One can always learn more about this subject I feel.



Dating Sites

Ok, so I am one of those people on this wonderful planet who loved human sexuality from the day he first experienced it.

It was a drug I that I dug fully which I refuse to give up, because frankly, in a fucking shitty world chock full of daily death and destruction, a bit of self pleasure is the one thing that keeps me on track and wanting to wake up to have another go the next day.

I say self pleasure because that is my lot in life now.

The optimist in me is still searching for the female me. A woman who loves sexuality like I do and needs and desires it for escape and pleasure as I do.

I thought dating sites would be where she might be but she isn’t. She is a rare beast, maybe even a Unicorn.

There is but a few women on these sites with the overwhelming majority of these brave and desperate souls looking for a relationship using their sexuality as bait as is commonplace in our society and this time.

And these sites churn through members like I can churn through a packet of Chicos any night of the week. Apologies to my Dentist for this truth!

The Lemmings, like I was until tonight come and throw down their cash in the hope they will get laid, find a life partner or both if you are really lucky.

Unfortunately, with no free lunches actually available when it comes to this subject, the sad outcome inevitably lies somewhere between the P’s of pipe-dream and profit-making exercise.

So tonight, to quote Top Gun “I called the ball”.

No more will I shell out cash in exchange for false hope.

I will save my money and go to a brothel to get my fill even though I detest that this option is still very much available in 2019.

It all fucked up really.


Watch “TEDxSF – Nicole Daedone – Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman” on YouTube

This is an interesting watch. Well worth some of your time IMHO.

This lady is the awesome and I hope that while I am late to this talk, she is still going strong. Will have to check out her website I think.

Then there’s this on the clitorus. Another wonderful lady seeking to smash taboo. Love it!

All this made me think of these awesome RHCP lyrics.

Blood sugar sucker fish
In my dish
How many pieces
Do you wish
Step into a heaven
Where I keep it on the soul side
Girl please me
Be my soul bride
Every women
Has a piece of Aphrodite
Copulate to create
A state of sexual light
Kissing her virginity
My affinity
I mingle with the gods
I mingle with divinity
Blood sugar baby
She’s magik
Sex magik sex magik

Enjoy people.


Two sexual assaults in today’s Age…

Whilst perusing the online Age I noticed two links about sexual assaults that had happened recently.
I could go on and say that it’s only two so no big deal. But that is way wrong and is not how I feel at the moment and probably wont be my opinion ever. It is two too many.

I want a world where none of this shit occurs. Where women can walk the streets at night knowing they are safe. Where women can talk about sex with men just “in conversation” and not fear being raped or having to be extremely guarded about what they say and how they say it.

Yes I am a fucking idealist and I gather that we probably wont ever reach these lofty heights but hey, a bloke can dream cant he?

One of the stories was about an adult male who had impregnated an 11 year old girl and then tried to impersonate her father to sign her out of school so as to take her for an abortion. FUCK ME!!!
That is mind blowing and proves what men are capable of if indeed they decide to switch their societal values off temporarily and follow the head of their cock as a rule. He had the book thrown at him by the female judge, 10 years but eligible for parole after 7. It is a solution that gets him off the streets for now but will he come out of jail a new man?

I sincerely doubt it but for his sake I hope he can sort himself out. He has also been put on the sexual offenders register for life so if he re-offends he will bypass go and his 200 schmackers and possibly go back to jail very quickly.

I feel for the young girl though.  She is going to be completely fucked up in the head in regards to sex more than likely which will make it all that much harder for her to relax sexually with a man again.  She has a long tough life ahead of her in that respect even with numerous counseling and support options which have been made available for her.

Again, tis a crazy bloody world.



Ferdy is circumcised and I quite like him that way. But, I do wonder what it would be like to have a foreskin covering his head sometimes?
I read on Twitter this week via a link that apparently circumcised males enjoy sex more than those men not cut. I don’t really know about this one as when ones uncircumcised penis is erect surely the foreskin would be tight and not drooping over the head of the penis thus a similar feeling would be felt?

Of course I would know about these things if men talked about sex in a mature manner.

That will never happen unfortunately though because as I alluded to in my last post masculinity will always be the stopping point of interesting sexual discussion amongst men.
A damn pity that.