Thoughts on Marriage & Prostitution.

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Ever since the poly group folded, I have pushed my posts into areas that I much rather would have posted after rigorous discussion but them’s the breaks in a country that is largely sexually conservative and which is still I contend, uncomfortable talking about sex in a mature manner.

Anyway, found this via @ChrisRyanPhD: Sex worker’s view of marriage

Greatest respect for this man and his thought process. Sex At Dawn by Cacilda & Chris is a great read. Highly recommended.

I agree mostly with the article and I genuinely wonder what is the true percentage of marriages that wallow in this state?

Surely one can present the evidence that is the above, in that prostitution is still very profitable and secondly, one should look at the gender ratios (and profit margins) of dating sites which are strongly populated with men vice women.

I have said a few times now I strongly feel that marriage has its place for some, but certainly not all.

Furthermore I strongly believe it is high time we all took our collective heads out of the sand and acknowledged some truths that so many are so willing to discuss.

1. That marriage is an archaic and unnecessary human requirement in a world that has moved on from the original intent of marriage.

2. That humans need companionship mostly and this can be met via friendships rather than marriage.

3. And if we are ever to see some genuine sexual balance between genders in this world, – which I feel is this articles root cause, we need less marriages and more friendships with benefits and/or polyamorous arrangements for those with enough sense & compassion to negotiate poly.

Anyway, please have a read of the article and if you are game, post a comment.

Love this song…

My thoughts on Marriage.

I am a fan of the word and the institution because as I have come to learn, marriage has quite the long and interesting history.

What I am not a fan of is the version perpetuated by some in this society inclusive of religion, politics, industry and little old Mr & Mrs Consumer.

There are many factors that is make a great marriage and I contend that not enough is being done to keep marriage great.

For mine it’s like looking at a block of Swiss cheese. Look closer and you might see right through it.

One only has to look at facts on the ground today in Australia (40+% divorce rate on average, a high domestic violence rate, single parenthood as a societal norm, prostitution still alive and kicking, affairs abounding etc.).

Both sexes have to change but there is a lot of resistance with both blaming each other for what they consider “the reasons” for divorce and other issues that affect marital unions.

I still think marriage will remain the default relationship option in society but for that to happen so many things need to change in my opinion.

I firmly believe that until such time that a communication in relationships course becomes the defacto standard taught as part of a country wide sex-ed/relationships course for year 10, 11 and 12’s we will continue to see a trail of human detritus flowing freely from the Good Ship Marriage.

But to finish on a high note one thing that is coming despite ongoing resistance from conservatives in ever smaller numbers is same-sex marriage.

Legislated as a totally legal and an equal of its heterosexual counterpart.

This is a very interesting topic that I have barely touched on so do come down to one of our meets if you would like to chat.

I’m attending a Meetup with Peninsula Polyamory and Open Relationships Meetup

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On paedophillia…again

I have written one blog on this subject and frankly I was happy with that.

Then, this morning there is this in The Age, so I thought I would throw my two cents worth in.

Overall, I am happy that more is being done to reduce this behaviour but for me it is just another reactive measure that might stop another 2-3% of this problem rearing its ugly head in the future as far as I am concerned.

Internet savvy paedophiles will always be one step ahead just like hackers are and I doubt there will many winners.

Sorry to be Mr Negative but really I hope those of you who read this blog can understand my take on this.

Until there comes a time where we can all get over ourselves and have a meaningful debate on our individual and collective sexuality we aren’t going to evolve as a species.

I cant see this happening in my lifetime unfortunately and thus I guess “reactive” and semi-offensive policing measures are all we have at our disposal at this time.

Its bloody sad that an awful lot of us are incredibly embarrassed by our bits and the sexual thoughts that we think.

I long for a day where people can just fess up to what they are thinking and then help could be offered to bring them back to society rather than being loners who have to hide away their sexuality/sexual psychology.

Being open and honest about sexuality is so refreshing and just frees up so much of your mind for other thoughts.

Anyway, that is my offload for this Sunday morning in the land of the embarrassed.


Another great GoodMenProject article I need to share…
Thanks again to the GoodMenProject.

This is a beauty and highlights that parents need to be ready at anytime to talk to their kids about sex. It also highlights a sentence that might empower girls out a little in their thinking about sex. As for boys, more work needs to be done to get them to understand the power of their penis and how best to treat a girl/woman. This is again why I advocate sex education core learning in schools every year for a few weeks of a semester where kids gets to learn slowly about the other sex’s body and how to respect it rather than the current methodology which is a mix of about 20 different approaches, some OK but most not good in the long run for both sexes.

The current system is so hit and miss and too many kids are left in the dark about sex and it has got to change.