A real quick one from normblogCan Men and Women be just friends?

Well, can we?

The edited video linked above definately tries to make the point that women think of friendships with men in a totally different way primarily.  And I would argue that this is a fairly honest representation of how a lot of men think.

In my own experience pretty much every woman I have ever got close to as a friend I have fantasised about at some time or another…but that is just me…?

I think it does happen, ie: platonic friendships, but I would argue that if we could have the complete truth an awful lot of men in this position would have thought something sexual about his female friend(s).

Is that a bad thing….probably not.  But it is just another for the “repressed male feelings” category me thinks.


p.s. I can only speak for my experience as a male in this regard and even then I cant speak for all men.  As for women, they aren’t on their “pat malone” IRT friendships with a sexual tone…they have sexual feelings for friends too I gather but I would argue and here I am totally talking out of my arse (as I do so very well!!!) that the percentages of situations such as this are possibly less than males with female friends and that is primarily due to biology.

p.p.s Your thoughts?