My MISOGYNIST Australia.

Hi all,

You may or may not have seen the many article’s relating broadly to the subject of Australian misogyny in your local media of late.

But in short, its clear that we have a big problem here in Australia.

The patriarchy running the show as abley assisted by women has generally been the norm for a long time in this wide brown land and that needs to change. STAT.

In my strong opinion as backed up by a life lived reinforced through lots of observing, reading and listening Australian men have and continue to treat women poorly with the proof being the death of one woman every week in this country.

Just STOP and think on that for a moment.

We are a first world country with much to be proud of but every week of the year sees one of our women die at the hand of a male.

This figure doesnt take into account those that are hospitalised or those that seek emergency accommodation from violent relationships etc.

That’s a whole other statisic.

We have a problem and based on what I have seen and heard as late of this afternoon specifically from those who claim to lead this nation, I dont feel like there is any real momentum being rounded up by our lawmakers/regulators that will investigate and then implement the solutions that clearly are necessary to eliminate this issue once and for all.

Its going to make for interesting times politically in this country going forward so watch this space.

Because lots of women are sitting somewhere right now between fed up and destroying the joint and that isnt a good place mentally for a large and growing cohort of the populace.

So to recap. This issue isn’t going away nor can it be spun away by skeezy politicians or slipped under that very large piece of carpet that the current government has used to death previously.

It’s reform we need.

There should be no further obfuscation only action.



Julia Gillard speech.

People Have The Power…Yes, we do.

“As A Sex Therapist, I Can Tell You You’re Asking The Wrong Question About Sexual Harassment”

And about bloody time…

Hi all BTW,

For the longest time I have thought that more needs to be done in this area of human sexuality.

I mean, surely you have seen the parade of men and a few women over the past decade whom have had their lives and careers ruined after being found GUILTY of sexual harassment?

And if you joined the dots at that time, did you talk about this epidemic with anyone?

I am guessing, probs not? 

It’s a male thing mostly and men mostly don’t talk about their sexuality to other men.
And women don’t talk to men etc. etc.

And around we go again.  Line em up!

What Stephen offers here is the solution.
And it’s pretty simple and if we could collectively pull our heads out of our arses, we might be able to pull together pretty quickly and solve this one so men & women could put this issue that refuses to die behind them.

But we won’t.  Not for a long while anyway for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with, suffice to say there is a solution and it starts when you read this post at the link.

Medium is a paid site so you can’t read this without joining but as I have mentioned a number of times, it will be worth a few bucks just to read genius like this.

“As A Sex Therapist, I Can Tell You You’re Asking The Wrong Question About Sexual Harassment” by Steven Ing


On the Soapbox ALERT!

IMHO the Australian Bachelor TV show demeans humanity and is an utter waste of breathable oxygen.

Additionally, I am strongly of the opinion that it clearly doesnt assist either gender in any way, shape or form to move forward.

The current series is being advertised on Channel 10 in Australia and every time it comes on I look at it briefly and wonder… what is it that makes women (in this case) demean themselves and their gender so utterly and completely, just for a bloke (and love)?

I really don’t understand it and frankly can’t be bothered talking about it any longer because I am in the business of growing my brain vice those who support this type of “reality TV”.


Michael Franco was so right!

The S Word…Stands For Shite?

Sam Brett, columnist for the Australian Fairfax papers produces a video blog every week and I have to say having watched two or three now that it is the most unbalanced piece of shite that I have viewed in a long time.

Just so we are on the same page, I have checked out a lot of blogs since starting this little male sex rant.

Have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me;

Face facts Sam, most men check out porn and probably quite a lot do so because women walk around with their fucking heads in the clouds in regards to the male sex drive with the exception of when they want to have a baby.

This shit has got to stop and soon. Can we possibly just try to acknowledge that men generally want more sex than women do and if a ratio that kept both genders happy could be achieved what are the consequences for women?

1. Healthier happier Men and Women all over the world.

2. The pornography industry might actually decrease.

3. Stronger relationships potentially.

4. We might see sexual harassment and assaults potentially drop in number?

5. Prostitution might actually die off from a lack of clientele.

This is a fucking no-brainer women. Cant you see this?

It’s a win-win situation. You give a little you get a whole lot more in return.

What a waste of airtime shit like this is. It’s 2011 if you hadn’t noticed Sam?

Angry AES has now left the building.

p.s. I recommend that you try a few of the links on my page as there is some really interesting people blogging about sex whom are genuinely trying to move us forward as a society.