About AES

An Ethical Slut…

Is an Australian male whom over the course of a life lived has found human sexuality to be equal parts utterly challenging and somewhat intoxicating.

Ever since a note was dropped in my school bag by some school girls at age 13 saying they liked me I was hooked on human sexuality and everything that made it what it is.

Right at that very point or close to it I started a journey that continues to this day. It will end one day, but I am damn well sure that I am going to enjoy the ride for as long and learn and be the best I can be on this divisive and largely non-debated subject.

About 10 years ago I had a go at trying to form a local group with polyamory discussion at its core but found group management to be difficult and with no real direction in mind other than discussion it folded pretty quickly.

That was a difficult time for me because The Ethical Slut book had just hit me smack in the chops saying “This is a no-brainer” because I so wanted to see polyamory succeed in Australia, but hey, it’s all water under the bridge now.

One person I need to acknowledge whom I never really have (and I regret that) is a lady who calls herself AJ Ruby.

She was the first group member and pitched in where others wouldn’t and I never did thank her, so AJ wherever you are now, cheers lady.

Anyhoo, if human sexuality and the relationships in which it resides, dancing like a breakdancer on speed, from good to bad and back again interests you like it does me, please read on.

I hope there is something in this blog that excites a neuron or three and pushes you onwards to read more and through that reading, learning & putting into practice even a modicum of the mass of great information out there, we will all get better at this and who knows, we might even solve for good some of the unsolvable problems (to date) that are really well overdue for a solution.



Jan 2022

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