While Men Have The Privilege Of Ignoring Misogyny, Women Have To Prove They Aren’t Misandrists.

By Yael Wolfe via Medium.

Hi all,

Firstly, JFC… Yael is on fire in this post!

And I love it.

M&M… two words that are right there with each of us every waking hour of our days and yet I would contend that many of us barely think about them, what they mean and how they fit into our every waking day.

Wonder no longer because Yael writes about them way better in her post than I ever could. And I completely understand if she is on the fence when it comes to men.

Just look at the devastation in Syria, Ukraine, Sudan… and the list goes on.

Now ask yourself, how many women are involved in perpetrating these crimes against humanity? At a guess 2% might have a bit-part but even that is a wild guess. To put it another way, you don’t have to be Einstein to have a stab that 98% of this devastation is being driven by powerful men.

I could totally get the 📢 out right now and hop on the soapbox, but I won’t because soft diplomacy is the only way forward with crises like these and others. #PennyWongstyle

So, I will leave you with this. Please click the link above and give Yael a chance. She is a really bloody good writer and is very much worth a few minutes of your time IMHO.

And keep thinking and reading about M&M and if you are into activism, maybe try a protest on for size. The positivity at a protest will blow your mind.

Every person matters.


Incognito – Possitivity

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