MONEY SHOT: The Pornhub Story.

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Quite true tis…

Hi all,

Finally got around to taking a look at this. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story

Hi all,

I have been interested in the subject of pornography since I started this bloggy journey 10 or so years ago.

And it’s interesting that generally speaking, a good deal of the core issues that existed back then, still exist now and probably will continue to exist when this chapter (cheekily entitled by me as) “Ch.1729; The Pornhub Chronicles” is gathering dust.

The big four layers for mine are… but know that there are many other layers which when combined bring us to our current point on this journey.

POWER – as long as humans have existed there has always been those who sought to have/hold more power than others and exert that power, unfortunately a lot of the time with the individual or a minority in mind vice one and all. Power initially cracked open the rich/poor divide that was further exploited & widened by dear old $$$ a bit further down the track.

RELIGION – The way I see it is that there are and always will be a driving section of the religious community, call them evangelicals or whatever you want who think pornography, sex (other than in the dark, between a man & woman with the purpose of procreation in mind) etc. is the root of all evil. They have and will continue to be around (and bleat) as long as we are around.

$$$ – Then next up is dear old money, profit etc. No introduction needed here. Most every company on the planet is exploiting what it can get away with to keep shareholders happy and thus ensure bonuses are paid (usually to and for the few vice the many). Check out this fine example from the last few days on Philly water by Arwa Mahdawi

♀️♂️ – And lastly is sex. Again, no introduction needed. It is what it is but slowly it’s coming out of the dark where powerful men have kept it for way too long. This is a good thing.

8.5/10 – This documentary is a really good watch if you’re interested in the trials & tribulations of pornography and want to understand the scale of this subject. It’s biiiiggg I tells ya!

And after watching it, the position I have taken for a number of years now has only been further reinforced. Which for those who are interested is;

Whilst I accept and will listen to the views of those in religious communities who try to push the line that pornography is the baddest if the bad, I will never agree with them because they are, in my opinion, way out of touch with how many now live their lives or strive to live a life, as equals.

Those with views like this are welcome to espouse them but they better come armed with facts and truth because if what they state can’t be verified & validated, they will be off my Christmas list and should seriously consider getting together and seceding as a state to piss-off out of the lives of those who accept that change is inevitable, with a few bumps & bruises along the way.

And big business… where do you start? Capitalism thrives on exploitation and as to fixing that, best of luck. That said, even in my most pessimistic times, I still advocate doing your research and voting well and if you can, engage with your local politician and make them earn their remuneration. Change is gonna come.

So in summary yes, it’s clear that Pornhub put a target on its own chest somewhat and I can see that they had both good and bad motives in mind when doing this. They stuck out their neck where others wouldn’t and it came a little to close to the guillotine that whizzed past their nose. All this said, I do hope that they start allowing verified content to be sold again to customers but I won’t be holding my breath.

What is crystal clear to me is that this problem has so many layers and you can’t fix this problem without addressing all the issues flagged within these layers that have conveniently been kicked under the rug for way too long now.

So while they say late in the doco that it’s an internet problem, I know better that it’s more of a problem that first started between men, women & power , then religion got involved, then money and now the internet.

So can it be fixed… hmmm?

I don’t know.


Brian & Thomas Owens – Change Is Gonna Come.

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