Arts minister demands Festival of Dangerous Ideas cancel bestiality talk by British historian Joanna Bourke via Guardian Australia.

Hi all,

I am a hypocrite.

And maybe we all are to a point?

One thing though that rings loud & clear to me is free speech, no matter how it hurts or what the cost, people need to be allowed to speak openly about any & all topics.

And that’s why I think that this talk at the link below should go ahead at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney.

The NSW Arts Minister needs to get out of the way on this IMHO.

For the record, I know zero about this woman, but I am interested to know more no matter her view on this subject so that’s what I am going to do after I post this blog.


But before I do, I will admit to watching this type of pornography a few times over the last 10 or so years. Tumblr, before they went all family friendly had channels of it and in my travels on that site many moons ago I found it in due course.

And yes, some of it did arouse me but it never stuck as something I would actively pursue. It was just another waypoint on my road of sexual discovery and I am glad I found it and was able to form an opinion on it that stands to this day.

So yes, it will be interesting to read Joanna’s take and see if my opinion is valid all these years later or whether I need to revisit my position on it.

Anyway, I hope you also click through and read up on her and form your own opinion, for or against.

And then I also hope that you will have the courage to discuss that opinion with those closest so we can one day pull back the curtain on this divisive & taboo subject which is what the simple act of conversation does best.

When enough of us understand a particular subject or issue it gives politicians real mandates to act in our collective interest rather than locking subjects away just as the Minister above is trying to do in this case.

Get out of the way bud.



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