My MISOGYNIST Australia.

Hi all,

You may or may not have seen the many article’s relating broadly to the subject of Australian misogyny in your local media of late.

But in short, its clear that we have a big problem here in Australia.

The patriarchy running the show as abley assisted by women has generally been the norm for a long time in this wide brown land and that needs to change. STAT.

In my strong opinion as backed up by a life lived reinforced through lots of observing, reading and listening Australian men have and continue to treat women poorly with the proof being the death of one woman every week in this country.

Just STOP and think on that for a moment.

We are a first world country with much to be proud of but every week of the year sees one of our women die at the hand of a male.

This figure doesnt take into account those that are hospitalised or those that seek emergency accommodation from violent relationships etc.

That’s a whole other statisic.

We have a problem and based on what I have seen and heard as late of this afternoon specifically from those who claim to lead this nation, I dont feel like there is any real momentum being rounded up by our lawmakers/regulators that will investigate and then implement the solutions that clearly are necessary to eliminate this issue once and for all.

Its going to make for interesting times politically in this country going forward so watch this space.

Because lots of women are sitting somewhere right now between fed up and destroying the joint and that isnt a good place mentally for a large and growing cohort of the populace.

So to recap. This issue isn’t going away nor can it be spun away by skeezy politicians or slipped under that very large piece of carpet that the current government has used to death previously.

It’s reform we need.

There should be no further obfuscation only action.



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