“Why Sex With a 50 Year Old Was The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had”, via Medium.com

Hi all,

I have found some really great articles on Medium, one or two which I have already shared and now this one which I really enjoyed also.

It’s a subscription site so I apologise in advance for slinging you something that you may not be able to read without a subscription, but I wouldn’t do it unless they weren’t great and well written articles.

“Why Sex With a 50 Year Old Was The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had” by Matilda Swinney https://link.medium.com/LrBZwwXuF5

This one is different to the last but with a similar theme of the older male using his experience in sexual situations to the benefit of both parties.

Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of this one and maybe learn something from  what I consider another great Medium article.

Rest assured I will share more over the coming months.



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