What I learned talking to 120 women about their sex lives and desires (via The Guardian, Aust).

Hi all,

This is an updated post.  The book at the link below looked very interesting on initially finding it on The Guardian Australia one morning before work a while ago.  I have just grabbed it now on Kindle after re-reading the blurb for the book because it is a book I really need to read.

I am always keen to learn more when it comes to human sexuality.  I am a late starter having had pretty close to zero sexual education as a young man largely fumbling my way through a sexual life to now at the start of my later years.

And I am still hungry to know more and understand this subject better inclusive of all the many trapdoors and tunnels that make up this side of us as human beings.

It’s clear before reading the book and after living a life as a privelledged male, women get short shrift when it comes to sexuality.  We really need to do better as men and I have a feeling that reading this book is only going to reinforce those thoughts.

I hope it is a page-turner because knowledge is no burden to carry and we can all be better when it comes to the way we treat our partners and lovers.

Once I am into it I will post a review or add to this blog.



BOOK – What I learned talking to 120 women about their sex lives and desires


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