Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape at New York trial.

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape at New York trial (via Guardian Australia).


But he’s innocent…, or at least that is how Harv’ views things.

I am glad this went down the way it did as it’s a good precedent for the future.

As I understand it, he will appeal and I guess we will just have to wait and see what becomes of that.

Things have needed to change for a long time and this is but a chunk of a very large patriarchal iceberg that needs to be blown to bits IMHO.

Whatever happens, don’t count your chickens yet as women are still being murdered, hospitalised and abused every day in some part of the world just for being born a woman.

There are still many miles to go.


Australian paedophiles pay as little as $15 for online abuse of children in Philippines

Hi all,

I have mentioned paedophilia in this blog once or twice over the years.

I do find it sickening, but I will forever rail against those who knee-jerk to defence mechanisms and speak only of punishments such as jail etc. blah, blah, blah.

IMHO we need (as a majority of society) to understand WHY this behaviour exists and IF there is anything that can be done proactively to identify and reduce the percentage of those who prey on the most vulnerable in our society.

Knowledge of mental health is slowly getting better and I long for the day where this subject can be discussed rationally within the spectrum of mental health with answers found to the questions that remain unanswered and which in 2020 have people reacting to this word like those whose reactions and commentary had “witches” burnt at the stake many years ago.

“Australian paedophiles pay as little as $15 for online abuse of children in Philippines”.


Here’s to one day finding the answers we need to make this long disgusting part of our sexuality a relic.

If you have any thoughts on this subject that can further the debate out of the quagmire it exists in, bring it.


‘There’s zero evidence that it’s worse for children’: parenting in a polyamorous relationship

Hi all,

This is a really good read and it has frankly made my night.

I have seen polyamory rise up from nothing in Australia and then seemingly slowly die off as various organisations folded.

This article proves the fear mongers wrong and I hope we see a resurgence one day.

What I love most about this article is that which attracted me to polyamory all those years ago when I first turned the pages of The Ethical Slut.


But that is me and both you and I dear reader are very different people. We all have different views and different life experiences that make us the people we are.

‘There’s zero evidence that it’s worse for children’: parenting in a polyamorous relationship


Anyway, have a read and if a comment crosses your mind, you know the drill.


‘If you’re going to watch porn, know it’s not real’: meet Britain’s sex-positive influencers

Hi all,

This is a really good article and it certainly makes me feel optimism for future generations.

I think it is yet another piece of the puzzle that will ultimately lead to a better society one day where people will better understand the breadth of possibilities out there and can pick and choose without as much bias & stigma as in the present day.

I hope you get a gem or two from it.


‘If you’re going to watch porn, know it’s not real’: meet Britain’s sex-positive influencers


What I learned talking to 120 women about their sex lives and desires (via The Guardian, Aust).

Hi all,

This is an updated post.  The book at the link below looked very interesting on initially finding it on The Guardian Australia one morning before work a while ago.  I have just grabbed it now on Kindle after re-reading the blurb for the book because it is a book I really need to read.

I am always keen to learn more when it comes to human sexuality.  I am a late starter having had pretty close to zero sexual education as a young man largely fumbling my way through a sexual life to now at the start of my later years.

And I am still hungry to know more and understand this subject better inclusive of all the many trapdoors and tunnels that make up this side of us as human beings.

It’s clear before reading the book and after living a life as a privelledged male, women get short shrift when it comes to sexuality.  We really need to do better as men and I have a feeling that reading this book is only going to reinforce those thoughts.

I hope it is a page-turner because knowledge is no burden to carry and we can all be better when it comes to the way we treat our partners and lovers.

Once I am into it I will post a review or add to this blog.



BOOK – What I learned talking to 120 women about their sex lives and desires