“The Unbelievable Secret To Getting More Sex”

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This article isn’t the magic bullet it purports to be in the byline.

But it is a bloody good read summarising so many problems into well written paragraphs that you will certainly grow a little after reading it.

“The Unbelievable Secret To Getting More Sex” by The Good Men Project https://link.medium.com/7LDqhKo382

Note: Medium is a paid site but this article and many others I have read on the site make it worth it IMHO.

Anyway, I hope you click through and take the chance on reading it.

Once more people understand how the walls are built, maybe we have enough people behind us to knock them down and move our society collectively forward?




“Polyamory Improves My Relationship With My Husband”

Hi all,

Check out this ENM/Poly read on Medium if you have some time.

Elle writes well. Looking forward to more of her thoughts on human relationships & sexuality as her inspiration strikes.

Yet another great case for moving fowards as a species with relationship options vice the tired old default of marriage in plain view with add-ons in the shadows.



“Polyamory Improves My Relationship With My Husband” by Elle Beau https://link.medium.com/dJP6GlBX02

The family in 2050: artificial wombs, robot carers and the rise of single fathers by choice

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First of all. Happy New Year to one and all wherever you are reading my little blog from.

An interesting read below if you have time.

What I get from it is that yes, we have an ageing population and yes, we are solving a few problems but many still exist and others are being created by the day.

All in all, it makes for an interesting 2020’s, 30’s and beyond for humanity.

For mine if I had my time over again I would escape to the country dependent only on a small sustainable town, build a sustainable house on a small block that had bushfire protection built in via an underground tank(s), grow my own food via permaculture, and aim to settle down with a crew of like-minded folk who shared a love of community especially when it comes to children.

It wouldn’t be easy but it would be rewarding in the long term.


The family in 2050: artificial wombs, robot carers and the rise of single fathers by choice