Victorian sex work inquiry to review outdated and ‘unfit for purpose’ laws

Thanks again to Guardian Australia for keeping my mind ticking over on subjects like this that interest me.

Hi all,

If I go back through old posts, I know there is at least one about sex-work.

I actually had a look at them earlier and they are ok but need an update and clean-up. I will get to that over the coming months.

In the interim, there is this and I am glad that an in inquiry is happening on the back of the Northern Territory seeing sense.

I am still no fan of sex-work but it is the oldest profession in the world for a reason.

Let’s see where it goes shall we. Will keep you updated as information is released.

But I will leave you with this.

I was listening to a BBC podcast yesterday on the subject of peace. It opened with chimpanzees and how their society largely mirrors ours. It then went on about Bonobo’s who are also closely related to us and it got me thinking about male & female power dynamics.

Is what we see and experience daily mostly a representation of an overbalanced patriarchal society?

And if as we progress to a more gender balanced society, will we see more peace?

And to round this out nicely, the end of prostitution.