Can we really talk about sex?

Hi all,

I originally first wrote about the article below in 2011’ish as liked it and felt it was something that needed to be addressed.

This update culls the post of previous times reworking it with the benefit of hindsight and a few more years under the belt.

The article is from the excellent Good Men Project (which I havent read in quite a while) written by a woman whom I have a lot of time for, primarily because she can see that arguing and fighting about sexual power is a complete fucking waste of time not to mention that it doesnt solve a damn thing.

Well, that is how I read her writing anyway.

Her name is Julie Gillis and this is her piece here. Please take a few moments to read it.

I really like what she has written and agree with pretty much all of it.

The answer is multi-faceted for mine;

  1. Teach sexual communication early and often.
  2. Flirtation – this needs to be in the picture, also from a young age.
  3. Gender equality – say no more.
  4. More ideas to follow…

Anyway, I hope this whets your whistle and has you coming back for more because I can’t get enough of multi-layered deep articles like this one.


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