This futuristic techno spa is a sci-fi movie come to life – CNET

Hi folks,

This one has bugger all to do with polyamory or relationships for that matter, but when I read below that the sauna inside Berlin’s Liquidrom is allegedly sans clothing it made me think about this country (Australia) and the issues I think we have with gender.

I have said it before and I will say it again. We Australians are a majority conservative bunch when the topic strays anywhere near gender, sexuality etc. etc.

Maybe that’s the old English influence still hanging on, which I know will die the death it needs to one day (frankly, that day can’t come to soon) to leave us in a place possibly where we can choose to go to a bloody sauna with no clobber on and not get weird about it or stalk(y)…(not a word I know, but it fit the mood of my little rant).

To sum up my thoughts, I think the simple act of nakedness connects well to what I see as an overarching conservative shyness and is the crux of a narrative that joins so many dots in the Australian context.

Some of which go onto harm and unfortunately kill women and frankly I am really bloody sick of men and actions which lead to outcomes such as this.

Just watch the news for a few nights and do your own straw-poll of the gender that generally speaking, brings the violence.

Maybe I need to build an Australian Liquidrom!

Keep loving y’all.


Original CNET article below (Thanks Katie).

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