Can we really talk about sex?

Hi all,

I originally first wrote about the article below in 2011’ish as liked it and felt it was something that needed to be addressed.

This update culls the post of previous times reworking it with the benefit of hindsight and a few more years under the belt.

The article is from the excellent Good Men Project (which I havent read in quite a while) written by a woman whom I have a lot of time for, primarily because she can see that arguing and fighting about sexual power is a complete fucking waste of time not to mention that it doesnt solve a damn thing.

Well, that is how I read her writing anyway.

Her name is Julie Gillis and this is her piece here. Please take a few moments to read it.

I really like what she has written and agree with pretty much all of it.

The answer is multi-faceted for mine;

  1. Teach sexual communication early and often.
  2. Flirtation – this needs to be in the picture, also from a young age.
  3. Gender equality – say no more.
  4. More ideas to follow…

Anyway, I hope this whets your whistle and has you coming back for more because I can’t get enough of multi-layered deep articles like this one.


Gender-neutral bathrooms can save women from waiting forever in line.


Hi all,

If you haven’t experienced a gender neutral bathroom yet, I hope they are coming to a place near you soon.

A well designed gender neutral bathroom is bloody genius and I get why they are going to be a game changer eventually.

I genuinely walked out of of there thinking;

Why has Australia taken so long to get to this point?

Here’s one reason, amongst a few…

Example A:


How we live together: the separated couple who share a home

How we live together: the separated couple who share a home

Hi all,

This is really interesting IMHO.

From what I know about relationship separations which I will admit never went past pain for both parties, they seem to me to be the exception rather than the rule.

But they need to be congratulated for thinking of their daughter as the priority.

Have a read and I hope this opens your mind a little more as it did for me.


Ethical porn — does it exist and who makes it? – via ABC

Another interesting one for those in the fap-brigade.

Getting your pornography ethically. I am a fan.

Just need to get around to setting up accounts etc. now and hopefully that will be one of the last times I visit the so called free “sites”.



My life in sex: ‘Once I would have called a woman doing what I do a slut’

My life in sex: ‘Once I would have called a woman doing what I do a slut’

Hi all,

This is a quick but interesting read. A woman whom has adapted to non-monogamy.

I remain hopeful that this will become the default on day.


Adapt or perish.

This article dear readers brings into reference the 2016 Australian Census result that I have mentioned in one or two previous posts.

Specifically, it mentions the rise seen in single person households.

That is why I will be very interested to see the next set of census results in a couple of years time especially considering #metoo will have been on the minds of many during that time period.

How does this information relate to this blog you may ask?

Well, I tie it in on the premise that the nuclear family as we know it in this country is slowly eroding at the edges.

Mark my words. This changes everything.


This futuristic techno spa is a sci-fi movie come to life – CNET

Hi folks,

This one has bugger all to do with polyamory or relationships for that matter, but when I read below that the sauna inside Berlin’s Liquidrom is allegedly sans clothing it made me think about this country (Australia) and the issues I think we have with gender.

I have said it before and I will say it again. We Australians are a majority conservative bunch when the topic strays anywhere near gender, sexuality etc. etc.

Maybe that’s the old English influence still hanging on, which I know will die the death it needs to one day (frankly, that day can’t come to soon) to leave us in a place possibly where we can choose to go to a bloody sauna with no clobber on and not get weird about it or stalk(y)…(not a word I know, but it fit the mood of my little rant).

To sum up my thoughts, I think the simple act of nakedness connects well to what I see as an overarching conservative shyness and is the crux of a narrative that joins so many dots in the Australian context.

Some of which go onto harm and unfortunately kill women and frankly I am really bloody sick of men and actions which lead to outcomes such as this.

Just watch the news for a few nights and do your own straw-poll of the gender that generally speaking, brings the violence.

Maybe I need to build an Australian Liquidrom!

Keep loving y’all.


Original CNET article below (Thanks Katie).