The Hunting | Drama | SBS On Demand


If you like a bit of drama, check this out below.

SBS have gone above and beyond on this show to give us TV that is punching back against a clearly overwhelming patriarchal sexuality.

I have only watched about half of the first episode but I can see myself clicking the link below to finish that first episode and hopefully watching more after that.

I have been thinking about this for some time but on tonight’s news there was a segment about Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly how a young woman or maybe women have been groomed to have sex with powerful men.


Update – I just read that Mr Epstein has committed suicide in jail apparently.

Is anyone else taking note of how many men are going astray sexually of late?

It seems like a bit of a “groundhog day” subject to me.

So coming back to the start of this post, I love that SBS has made a show that illustrates how us men start to go astray and if you like me have hands full after counting off fingers via the news, how we are now starting to be held to account for those transgressions.


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