A new poll shows what really interests ‘pro-lifers’: controlling women

Check dis..


For mine, I strongly agree with this article header.

The patriarchy needs a big old rethink IMHO.

The male politicians as just one example (see recent NSW parliament legislation) talk about protecting life, but look around you. Poverty is still a big problem in society (and possibly getting worse) so where are the “honourable” members who allegedly care about human life now?

Really though and getting back on track, abortion should only be a minor player (and option of last resort) in the grand scheme of things.

If men actually were responsible with their sperm maybe abortion might not be the flash point it currently is?

Shit has to change, and I believe it will in time.

In the interim though, those who have archaic viewpoints will continue on there merry way fighting what they feel is the good fight minus some actual truths that matter.

Truth was always the first casualty.


My life in sex: the woman with an STI

My life in sex: the woman with an STI


I know how this woman feels. I have struggled with the societal stigma that exists for those with this condition for the past 20 odd years.

We can and must do better as a community on sexuality and the only way that happens is via education.

Unfortunately, in this country as in many others there are those who are not interested in human life despite what they will say and do to protect it at all costs (see my next post for and interesting segway on that subject).

Change though, is inevitable which means sense will prevail in time despite the efforts of those with power who refuse to open their minds and walk in the shoes of the many versus the few.

Better days are coming. It just takes a while to get there is all.

Love will prevail.


Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa wants to move on with her life. Why won’t we let her?

Here’s a couple of articles on the hipocrisy and patriarchal shitfight that is pornography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love porn but I think it’s high time I started to look for ethical pornography rather than free stuff as clearly I am part of the problem.

Mia deserves another chance and frankly I hope she gets it.


Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa wants to move on with her life. Why won’t we let her?


Why are people silent about the abuses and exploitation in porn?



Hi all,

This I dig. The use of another of our amazing human senses to navigate the sexuality freeway.

This time via your earholes.

I am going to check it out and I hope you do too.

Update 1: I have listened to a couple of the freebies and I must say it’s exiting being aroused by something other than by pure visual means.

Update 2: I signed up today for a year because brilliant initiatives like this need support IMHO.

On my first listen today as a member what stood out is the beauty of the words used. Words matter and there is nothing more arousing than great conversation.

And in my opinion its a better way of consuming pornography than visual but I will use both as needed. Each to their own here.

Please check them out. This is some good stuff on here catering to all tastes so I hope they grow from here.

There’s an app available on both the Apple & Google stores so eroticism at its best can be available as needed for your individual body & mind.

Dipsea Stories

And here’s the review that got me started on this road.

Aural sex: erotic podcast offers stories to stimulate your ears




The Hunting | Drama | SBS On Demand


If you like a bit of drama, check this out below.

SBS have gone above and beyond on this show to give us TV that is punching back against a clearly overwhelming patriarchal sexuality.

I have only watched about half of the first episode but I can see myself clicking the link below to finish that first episode and hopefully watching more after that.

I have been thinking about this for some time but on tonight’s news there was a segment about Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly how a young woman or maybe women have been groomed to have sex with powerful men.


Update – I just read that Mr Epstein has committed suicide in jail apparently.

Is anyone else taking note of how many men are going astray sexually of late?

It seems like a bit of a “groundhog day” subject to me.

So coming back to the start of this post, I love that SBS has made a show that illustrates how us men start to go astray and if you like me have hands full after counting off fingers via the news, how we are now starting to be held to account for those transgressions.



On the Soapbox ALERT!

IMHO the Australian Bachelor TV show demeans humanity and is an utter waste of breathable oxygen.

Additionally, I am strongly of the opinion that it clearly doesnt assist either gender in any way, shape or form to move forward.

The current series is being advertised on Channel 10 in Australia and every time it comes on I look at it briefly and wonder… what is it that makes women (in this case) demean themselves and their gender so utterly and completely, just for a bloke (and love)?

I really don’t understand it and frankly can’t be bothered talking about it any longer because I am in the business of growing my brain vice those who support this type of “reality TV”.


Michael Franco was so right!

What is Polyamory?

This doctor gives us his 5 cents worth on poly and yes, there is some good stuff here, but a good deal of #meh too.

To his credit he does make it clear that there is limited data available and seems keen for a larger dataset in order to better understand polyamory.

Interesting that he says mental health practioners are amazed at the amount of infidelity in the wider community.

That fits with my perception as viewed through the lens of life lived.

I guess when it’s all said and done, for mine I am at peace with the fact that one person cannot be your everything and that the sooner more understand this very important relationship point, maybe we might actually reduce the collateral damage on kids and indeed the adults throwing rocks at each other as they scramble to get away from a situation that was never normal.

However those within the structures of the church and state would lead you to believe.