What Love Is – Carrie Jenkins.

I came across this book whilst flicking through my Amazon Audible catalogue and thought, ahh…why the hell not!

This book was very interesting and whenever I made time for it I felt like my brain was getting bigger as a result.

She is an interesting lady. A Scottish Philosopher working and living in Vancouver, Canada.

She is also a polyamorist or ethical non-monogamist.

I have always struggled with the notion of love. I have issues with the comodification of it and the industry it has become so this book was a welcome relief.

I just re-listened to chapter 1 prior to writing this as I remember ending the book with many questions and interesting resources to look for, but I never did at the time.

One other thing is that I reached out to Prof. Jenkins via her website (which has lots of other goodies on it) and thanked her for the book.

I also asked if it was possible to procure a signed copy, something I rarely do and she got back to me quickly requesting my address.

A signed copy arrived in the mail as week later!

All in all, this is a great book if you, like I have ever questioned What Love Is.

5 Stars


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