But why so much sex…?

I just had a look at my site, trying to view it from a reader’s perspective and a word I saw repetitively come up whilst flicking through the first 15 odd posts was sex.

…But this blog is supposed to be about different types of relationships he says to himself…

Why is this so? if I may quote Professor Julius Summner-Miller (checking this laterz)?

Well I guess I feel sex is a large part of any relationship and maybe it doesn’t get talked about in that way in society, at least that is my lived experience here in Australia.

And in regards to relationships I actually found polyamory through a female friend who knew me and understood I wasn’t a cad nor wanted flings and being a male, sex is still happily at the forefront of my mind.

I guess I am just trying to understand how all the puzzle pieces fit, with sex (important to me in the grand context) being one of those pieces.

Anyway, rest assured that this overbalance has been duly noted and I will set out over the coming months to find some balance.

Till then y’all…

Love like there’s no tomorrow.


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