I love this Woman…

I heard her music and the lyrics that still challenge me to this day first on 3RRR Melbourne on a little show that has aired on a Saturday morning from 9am by a fella called Brian Wise for many a year now.

Luckily, a month later when I was overseas in a Borders Bookshop, what was sitting on a stand in front of me but;

Living In Clip

To this day this album is still in my top 25 albums of all time.

And I didn’t stop there either. She has some seriously amazing albums and of the others, I haven’t given them enough time which is kinda cool knowing that as inspiration strikes I might well find another album or song to take me on another journey.

Check out her and the artists she supports here;


And while you are there check out Ani’s blog of books to read. There’s a few I will get to one day as time permits and I can drag myself away from this smartphone!

If you care about humanity like I do, Ani DiFranco needs to be in your optimist playlist.

Love always y’all


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