Hmmm…Loss of Desire. 75% of Women and 25% of Men!

Is returning a loss of desire really as easy as committing to and or choosing it….?

My experience tells me that this is horseshit and frankly, I am not sold on this premise.

I certainly agree with the speaker in this TEDTalk that there still are many, many problematic societal issues that exist without complete solutions within the sphere of human sexuality but I am glad that a good deal of them have been largely acknowledged (with more to come I hope) in the mainstream recently (#metoo, Royal Commission into Domestic Violence etc.).

Maybe we are finally getting somewhere.

I hope that in a hundred years time, things are somewhat better for women.  Certainly and at the very least in the ways males contribute to all the many problems that exist as the societal level when it comes to relationships, intimacy, sexuality etc.

As for mothers bringing up better girls who want them to stand on their own two feet as strong women who can make a choice as to the relationship style that best suits them, I don’t know if this is happening at a similar rate of change?

Certainly if my recent experience is a metric of any worth, there still are many young women who still very much gravitate to and believe in the standard narrative of boy meets girl etc.

I find this a lemming like behaviour and it concerns me.

For mine I think there is more sense in sharing and finding the right person for the right need or want to meet you in compromise rather than locking yourself into an outdated and still overly religious relationship model like marriage.

For me, that is Polyamory.

This talk bought home for me yet again why I think we still have it “arse about” in regards to human relationships.


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