Sex Education 101

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


Just imagine if we could get to this point eventually?

Every child given the sexual education needed to navigate and sail safely through the roughest sexual seas and come out with their flame intact.

Reduced everything…everything you can connect with human sexuality that concerns and saddens us might be the outcome.

In Australia, we are still struggling with the debate about safe schools and whether or not it helps or hinders chuldren.

I see it as a positive step forward but it will struggle along for a while yet in a politically apathetic and uninformed electorate (the 2019 election proved that statement) thanks to many Conservatives who have pull (and spin a plenty) at this time in history.

The cycle will go around again though (as it does) in time with I hope the subject of safe schools afforded a regular gig.

Still a bit of a journey yet, but don’t stop dreaming.


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