Dating Sites

Ok, so I am one of those people on this wonderful planet who loved human sexuality from the day he first experienced it.

It was a drug I that I dug fully which I refuse to give up, because frankly, in a fucking shitty world chock full of daily death and destruction, a bit of self pleasure is the one thing that keeps me on track and wanting to wake up to have another go the next day.

I say self pleasure because that is my lot in life now.

The optimist in me is still searching for the female me. A woman who loves sexuality like I do and needs and desires it for escape and pleasure as I do.

I thought dating sites would be where she might be but she isn’t. She is a rare beast, maybe even a Unicorn.

There is but a few women on these sites with the overwhelming majority of these brave and desperate souls looking for a relationship using their sexuality as bait as is commonplace in our society and this time.

And these sites churn through members like I can churn through a packet of Chicos any night of the week. Apologies to my Dentist for this truth!

The Lemmings, like I was until tonight come and throw down their cash in the hope they will get laid, find a life partner or both if you are really lucky.

Unfortunately, with no free lunches actually available when it comes to this subject, the sad outcome inevitably lies somewhere between the P’s of pipe-dream and profit-making exercise.

So tonight, to quote Top Gun “I called the ball”.

No more will I shell out cash in exchange for false hope.

I will save my money and go to a brothel to get my fill even though I detest that this option is still very much available in 2019.

It all fucked up really.


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