I Disagree With This.

Why, you may ask?

Let’s explore the statement in question shall we.

“Men are born to pursue women”.

But are we?

For my 1cents worth, I think this is utter garbage.

Furthermore, I think this statement and the justification following it is a relic of history even now, and will continue to erode further the more gender equal we get.


Keep loving like there is no tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “I Disagree With This.

  1. What a truly terrible article. Everything in it is utter garbage. Something out of 1960, where the woman is supposed to be a good little house wife.
    Please tell me this wasn’t a recent article?!

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    1. I think it’s fairly recent. Came from Tumblr if I remember correctly. It did my head in at the time and I could only finish a draft of how I felt. I look forward to attitudes like this becoming the minority in a majority world of women & men who can equally choose their own relationship style and path to tread.


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