Bringing Them Together.


It dawned on me a while ago that I have been writing about human sexuality (in my own special way!!) for quite some time now, with granted some decent breaks in between.

For those of you who have skimmed through this blog from time to time, you will now see a whole heap of other posts from my younger self that I have imported with the intention of giving them a tidy up whilst still trying to maintain where my head was at back then and what I was trying to say.

I apologise in advance for some utter garbage below, but I have had no formal training on how one should write.

It just comes out and is essentially my vent on a subject that most of the time confounds and confuses me.

I am back in the saddle now so here’s hoping I can tidy up this site (with a few more years under my belt) such that it will live on as something that I am proud of.



I Disagree With This.

Why, you may ask?

Let’s explore the statement in question shall we.

“Men are born to pursue women”.

But are we?

For my 1cents worth, I think this is utter garbage.

Furthermore, I think this statement and the justification following it is a relic of history even now, and will continue to erode further the more gender equal we get.


Keep loving like there is no tomorrow.