On Sex & Power.

I write this wondering if and when Men and Women will genuinely start having a meaning discussion about sexuality and the power it wields?

Is sex the elephant in the room that very few people ever acknowledge and/or walk a mile to understand?

Or is it all about power?

I am not the first to be confused how these two subjects weave between both genders.

Perhaps it’s a mix of both?

Currently Hollywood is going into meltdown with many sexual harassment cases rearing their ugly heads, and about time too. #metoo

I do wonder where we are heading as two genders whom have traditionally sought out each other, until death do us part?

The key point for me in all of this as viewed through the lens of lived experience (yes, complete with my own set of biases!) is that both genders really have no real idea of what life is like as the opposite sex and many aren’t interested in that knowing either.

There is miles of the written word and many songs sung and I get the feeling that many like to think they have it all worked out but really, unless you have been there ( hormone patches) or have made a concerted effort to walk a mile in the shoes of your opposite, you really have no factual basis on how the other lives.

I am strongly of the opinion that education has to lead the way on both of these subjects, and it possibly slowly is, as magnificent teachers all across the world do their little bit to educate and balance young men & women which in turn hopefully creates a better society for all.

We the people who want to handover a better world therefore must continue to stand up to those who resist change on a sniff.

It makes for interesting times as always and great debate with those who are interested in such things.



Ignorance is bliss….so very true.

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