Truths from the sexual front line.

@kittystryker: Bree Olson says some harsh truths about what it’s like leaving the porn industry for a civilian job via @dailydot

Colateral damage from an industry that seeks firstly to exploit the male sex drive for profit as their modus operandi.

And secondly in doing so exploits women and spews them out as excess to requirements detritus.

Bree is just one of the many who have either willingly left or as per my previous paragraph were ejected for any number of reasons.

How did conservatism engulf human sexuality?

It seems as though the time of free-love was as close as we have ever got to the deregulation of sex.

Tis yet another thing to ponder in this crazy life of which I have but a few answers…at best.

I reckon PJ would have some interesting thoughts on this possibly…

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