Nearly 6 Months Young.

Thought I would write to update on what’s happened with PeninsulaPoly thus far and where we might go in the future.

We are advertising via Meetup, OKC, Fetlife and AMM with hopefully more portals for growth to come via members who want to take on a small slice of responsibility.

Sunday brunch will be the get-together of choice until just as change does we morph into our next shape.

We hope to get guest speakers, have random clothes meet requirements, maybe a picnic not unlike our city brethren and whatever else in between that works and members are willing to attend.

It’s only early days and we are still fragile and in our infancy thus YOUR support is needed otherwise the group will fold.
Sustainable growth is the aim and that will only come from others willing to share the load.

Anyway, that is the bad news out of the way.
Too finish on a good note we are growing and that is good so please raise your drink in silent appreciation of that fact wherever you may be right now reading this and vow to help grow us firstly by attending a Meetup whenever convenient and secondly by getting the word out by whatever means you are comfortable with.

So fine open – minded folk, until we meet in the flesh,

Love like there is no tomorrow, because who knows what the day brings.


The Day Brings – Brad:

Just when you start to doubt…

Along comes something like the below and voila, all yours fears get pushed back into their respective dank little mind-holes!

Thanks to Perth Polyamory for posting this gem.

This woman has walked the road I want to walk with women, but finding that other woman is quite the difficult proposition.

Seriously, I hope you read and love this article. Just like when I started reading The Ethical Slut, it just made sense.

Until then fine women and men,

Love it until you cant love anymore.


Privilege…dang it!

@hlpleasurecoach: #Polyamory: So What Is Couple Privilege, Anyway?


Struggled with this late last year.

This article is a MUST read for anyone interested in human relationships.

Very well written and definitely will be one article I will revisit from time to time to refresh a mind that is trying to break away from the invisible bonds as discussed within.

Love all equally and do your best to banish privilege.


Via “Our ABC”.

Sexual harassment rife in medical profession, senior surgeon says #abcnews


Yes, it’s one woman’s opinion but having lived a life as a man always thinking about sex and where the next romp might present, I think I have to agree with her opinion some.

This is but one of the issues I want to talk about and yet another wedge of the overall pie that has taken me down the poly path.

The end game is we can continue to stick our heads in the sand and pretend issues like this, domestic violence, high rates of divorce, prostitution, unplanned pregnancies and more will just go away or we can sit down in comfortable circumstances and discuss and learn from each other.

My choice is clear.

Until that time you make yours, please, try to love as many as you can no matter the species or gender.