Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.

Found this stat just now;

In 2012, 49,917 divorces were granted in Australia, an increase of 2 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Wonder if that figure rose again in 2013/14?

Exactly why I contend the sexes need relationship OPTIONS rather than THE all conquering mandatory that is marriage.

It will take time but I can see a time coming where the default will be equality and choice. Same-sex marriage, partnership’s, the old standard of defacto, polyamorous relationships and marriage still in there just to name but a few.

Mark my words on this day in February 2015 if you wish.

Until then beautiful humans of so many colours, creeds, flaws and sheer brilliance, and beauty,

Love many…or as many as you can.


Parenting lessons from tribes around the world – a conversation with photographer Jimmy Nelson — Mama Hub

Found this an interesting read. 

If I had my time again would have loved to have lived in a small commune of people sharing everything as these people do.

Time would just pass with minimal worry not like the reality a lot of us live in.

Food for thought tis.
Please consider loving many…it’s really not that difficult.


I Think We Have It Arse About.

Human relationships. Never a dull moment.

In my opinion the still (and unfortunate) belief amongst many that Mr or Mrs Right will be everything you need is completely off the mark.

Don’t get me wrong there are possibly a small amount of overall relationships where this is the case, but I would contend they are very much in the minority (inclusive of divorces, affairs ans other numbers that a rarely mentioned in the fairytale).

I don’t have data to backup this statement but with a little application I think you could come up with a semi-reliable number.

I think that we were largely fed a furphy or three growing up in regards to human relationships but oddly we seem to still seek out that holy grail as the default.

Don’t get me wrong…def’s a big fan of living with a person whom you choose for companionship, life- building needs and to share multiple loves with (hobbies etc.).

But the idea that this person can be everything your little beating heart wants, needs and desires is in my opinion, is utter crap!

Change is gonna come one day I hope via a more equal society.

To be continued….


Until then, as The Beatles sung;