Why form a Polyamory group anyway?

I have asked myself a couple of times this but I figure it’s high time alternatives to the current version of marriage I have seen start to find a place of their own to exist.

I wrote previously on marriage and my respect for the word but that is where it ends.

Yes, it works well for some but in all honesty I would love to see the truth on those marriages and why they work because I think you would find a similar type of arrangement one might see in a great poly relationships (excellent communication, trust etc.)

There is nothing worse in my opinion than not having the courage to speak up for your own needs and instead sneak around behind your beloved’s back.

That is the primary reason why poly may never really take hold because I feel that honesty is hard work for a lot of people and just like democracy and teamwork are works in progress that never really reach a conclusion and therein lies the beauty – the journey.

That doesn’t mean for one second that one should just accept the status quo and get on with being a sheep. Quite the contrary really. At least that is what I think.

It takes courage to believe in something like polyamory and I do because in my opinion it reeks of sense.

So if you want to expand your mind and educate yourself out of the flock you can’t do much worse than pick up the book that changed it all for me.

Then maybe you will drop by our little group and who knows what will happen then…but that’s half the fun!

Until that time, please,
Love many,


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