Poly comes to town, Vesbar, Somerville.

Van Morrison playing Moondance, chilling enjoying an Erdinger contemplating how to build this thing.

Firstly, politically the Peninsula is blue in that the Liberal party have held sway for some time both locally and federally.

Why does this matter in the context of polyamory you may be asking?

Well, in my experience that equates to conservative values of marriage, fidelity, commitment in the standard narrative and intimacy within prescribed societal boundaries.

Poly doesn’t have any boundaries. Nor does it seek to control you or how or whom you choose to spend time with.

Thus, I think it’s fair to say that growing this group is going to be an interesting challenge.

Having said all that, the group now has 7 members whom I hope in the fullness of time to engage in conversation, listening to what interests them and more importantly what motivated them to join the Peninsula Poly Meetup?

Love many,


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