Build it and they will come.

That line from “Field Of Dreams” has always stuck with me.

And that’s how with the help of members and their totally excellent suggestions we might actually get around to eventually growing a little poly community amongst the masses.

Who knows what is going to happen next because as the group’s second actual physical member in Suzie has just elaborated…The journey is the destination…and live it while you have it.  (Sorry Suz’e, couldn’t remember your exact words :-))

The only ground rule I want to set and trust me, I lament having to use the word rule is that we all listen and allow others to speak an offer up their experiences.

What this group isn’t going to be if I may be so bold is a “fuck-club”.  I hope it will be more about the minds of members because if we can get those minds into gear the loins will surely follow in a beautiful fluid example of natural sexuality at its best.

Anyway…glad this one is out of the way. 
Onwards now to neuron growing territory and Ffffuuuuunnnnnn!

Love many,


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