On the brothel(s) experience….

Updated December 2020 as originally published in July 2012.  As per my other updates to these posts, I am only giving them a tizz to keep them as original as possible and preserve where my head was at in these years.

Well hi there you there…It’s me here,

and yes I stole that from a famous local Radio presenter and I hope he doesn’t mind?

I was driving home today via a different route and as I was driving on the freeway past the industrial area that largely houses the brothels in this part of the world I got to thinking….I wonder if there is a post in that….?

I think there is but it is going to be my take on things completely.  The smells, the thoughts and all the shit that goes through one’s mind once you get out of your car and stand at the front door with the CCTV camera checking you out prior to the intercom buzzing and the duty madam speaking…

“Hi love, want to come in?”

Yes please.  “No worries, push on the door love….”

I enter and mind you I have been to the three large brothels probably in total 25 times.

The first thing you note is that it is dark inside.  A light in on over the counter and 99 times out of 100 a woman is sitting or standing behind the counter.

Ah, G’day…um mm, yeah, I’d like to….ah, what does it cost?

“$160 for 45 minutes love is the starting price and what most men are happy with, we have 3 women available now”.

Ah, yeah OK…I am OK with that.  “No worries love, will that be cash or card?”  Ah, cash…(fishes out $160…).

I watch as she enters it on the cash register then puts a portion of the money in the little faux leather folder.  “Give this to the lady you pick love.  Come through hon…

She leads me through to another area with in one case, nice chairs and in one of the others, ratty old things with safe sex posters up on the walls and STILL fuck all light.

“Take a seat love, the ladies will be out in a minute”

I sit and look around at the posters, the shitty looking eight ball table at the cheaper place, the cleanliness and minimalist decor of the up-market place and wonder what the fuck I am doing here?

That is a simple question which I can answer in milliseconds….I am treating my sex drive with some sex that is all to hard to find in this world these days.  I am not ashamed because I understand that I need to find a release most days and that this is incredibly normal.  It is a transaction in which I get to be with a woman, and enjoy her and all that she can provide to bring me pleasure when required.  Having said this deep down I know this is not normal but it is what I argue is pushed on men by women in the never ending game of sexual tug-o-war we play.  More on this in a coming post…

And yes, if you havent already noticed I am all over the shop IRT prostitution if you choose to read back through my blogs.  I want it because I think men need an easy way to obtain sex but I also dont want women having to do it.  This is a simplistic idealist position that isnt obtainable so in the grey area between we will always have some women who want to be sex workers and are happy with that as a means to make a living and similarly we will never get to a point where men can get what their sex drives want, so prositution will never die.

I would much rather enjoy regular sex with a woman whom I had a connection with but as I have muttered way to often it is nigh on impossible in a relationship and in today’s society there is still a whole shitload of stigma attached to anyone wanting to enjoy more sex so for the most part masturbation is

Just then, woman #1 walks in.  She is wearing a short skirt and revealing bra and is well proportioned in the breast department but her face does nothing for me.  She gives me the quick spiel on what she does and then asks me if there is anything I want other than that?  Nope.  I am a simple man who wants to get an erection and enjoy a woman such that it brings me to orgasm, hopefully within the allotted 45 minutes.

There needs to be something that makes me desire her…

Woman #1 leaves and a minute or so later #2 enters.  She is in lingerie and is quite pretty, slimmer build, a handful in breast size and is doing it for me as my cock has started to lengthen in my pants slightly.

Same discourse pretty much and she leaves only to be followed quickly by woman #3.  She is older and looks like she has been around in the game  for about 3000 years.  She is wearing far too much perfume which instantly puts me off.  We talk briefly but there is nothing there.  She is a professional and can sense my non-reaction and is cool with that.  She will head back to the powder room and continue her beauty regime until the next dick comes in.

The madam appears again and asks me for a selection.  I state “the second lady please”.  No worries love, come with me please.

She leads me through a zigzag of corridors to a room.  We enter to see a double bed with a simple cover and fresh towels on the end of the bed.  Take a seat love, she will be with you in a jiffy.

I sit on the bed and start playing with my phone…a minute or so later #2 enters, says hello again and I hand her the folder.  Thankyou is the reply.

She says to me “take your clothes off babe and hop in the shower, I will be back in a few minutes”.

I do as requested getting out to dry myself off an then hopping on the bed.  The sex worker enters and takes of her mini-skirt and knickers and bra and climbs onto the bed with me.  She grabs my soft penis and says she needs to do a STD check which I am fine with.

I start to get hard in her hands and so I condom is found and before long we are fucking.  It is robotic and there is nothing to feel other than the warmth of her vagina.

After a time we change positions and the world keeps turning until I realise my time is nearly up and I need to orgasm.  Masturbation is the order of the day and I so I spank the monkey until I come over her belly and that is it.

We shower seperately, she dresses and then I leave.

Game, Set & Match.


Bliss…For Women

Bliss for Women

Is a shop (also online) that is a hub for all things female sexuality in Melbourne. Maureen Matthews (owner) of the shop is well versed in male/female sexual politics having written a column (in The Age?) since 2006 or possibly earlier.

I first came across the store in the early days (I think via Community Radio) and even back then I thought it was a bloody magnificent idea and oh so long overdue.

I remember visiting the shop with the girly as she is a liberated woman and well ahead of the sexual curve of a lot of women thankfully and she dug it too. I remember it being upstairs and a smallish shop with vibrators and lubricant and lots of books and that is about all I can remember at this point in time.

Anyway, I really love this store and I hope if you are in Melbourne one day and have a bit of spring in your step you too will visit and keep the wheels in motion because shops like this are so important on the Australian sexual landscape.

They actually offer an unblinkered view of human sexuality and this is why they must be supported against the tsunami of really ordinary chain sex stores that are the current “kewl” in this part of the world.

Anyway as always you are free to you to make up your own mind and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Update On the advice of the wonderful AOF (check out her work…it’s good I tells ya (see comments)!), I am revising my spiel to state that possibly (although via Google the shop still exists) the shop is online only these days.