Sunday’s Age on Uni porn…

Hadn’t came across this before but it seems that some of the people (read Men) behind the porn site I highly recommend in “I Shot Myself” and then for those even a little more liberated “I Feel Myself” have been trying on an idea at some Universities in Melbourne town.

Women can be paid to submit naked photos of themselves in short.

How do I feel about this?

Well, my liberated and free side says go for it girl, but my dubious and always on guard side says, them photos could come back to bite you one day.

And that IMHO is a damn pity.  Furthermore, I am prepared to go on record that I dont think it would be most men who would flag a candidate based on soft porn pictures but then again I have been oh so wrong in the past and will be oh so wrong in the future…probably many times over!

I guess the middle ground is to take the photos but protect your identity as best you can by changing your name or location, disabling GPS tracking where photos were taken etc etc…

Furthermore I understand and respect Dr Megan Tyler and her take on things because her heart is in the right place in that she just wants to see equality in her lifetime.  I dont know whether that will actually occur but I respect her energy in offering comment on anything she deems might hinder that progress.

Have a look if you are interested?




This Ties In Nicely.

Hi all,

I wrote this back in 2012 and on reading through nearly 8 years later I think I still feel the same way so this one stays original. No update.

AES 2020

Bettina Arndt…that name makes a lot of women rather angry for some reason?

Her latest in The Age.

I agree with this article not because I like what she has written, but because I have lived it and I consider it truthful.

Up until 30 odd years of age I was content to keep to myself on matters of sexuality.

A quiet, unassuming and a never gonna get any regularly sorta guy.

Blokes like me, well we just buy porn, visit the occasional sex worker and wank like there is no tomorrow to keep us sane.

I started to take risks at about 35 I reckon (to get a bit more than I was at home), silly risks that got me into trouble, sexual harassment, pressure at work etc.

Thankfully I have seen sense and just stay away from women at work these days as the rule. Its just not worth it.

So what is the solution?

Obviously genuine sexual communication between both people is up there as a big hitter on the list of solutions, but as I have experienced more than once it is rare for both parties to really open up and lay their sexuality on the line.

Communication might bring you to understand where the differences lie if both parties are truthful, it might actually reinvigorate the sex life in the relationship. It may lead to an open relationship, it can lead anywhere as long as both partners bring honesty to the table.


Enter stage left…Circular Argument.

Maybe a little movement will occur through the efforts of Arndt and other sex writers but on the issue of sexuality shit is just going to stay as it always has.

“The Standard Narrative” as it’s stated in “Sex At Dawn” is pretty a resolute beast.

People falling in love, having magnificent sex for a time, maybe creating a child and then realising that there is no flame anymore so I might as well cheat or see prostitutes or wank behind my partners back or what the fuck ever floats your boat.

Sad really for such an interesting species with a mind capable of almost anything.