Ahhh… Technology…I love it…(sometimes)!

Update Sept 2019 – to see if the link is still active. Yup!

Originally written in 2011/12’ish.

Found this in my paper this morning…

and before you ask, it wasn’t me because I dont own a red bike..!!

I hope they catch the prick and I love that women have finally got a weapon in their arsenal against male sexual power.

Update (2019) – Why do men do this and a myriad of other dastardly but completely fucking misunderstood sexually based acts?

And why isn’t this conversation mainstream?

And why do we men bumble from one fuckup to the next just leaving it to the Police & Judiciary to sort out?

From where I sit no one is interested in these questions.

There are many (like this bloke) who are driven by something that isnt understood unless you have been there or are blessed/cursed (take your pick) with a high libido.

Because that for mine is the force behind his actions.

Always up for a chat on this so bring it if you are keen and can debate without losing your shit.


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