Organised prostitution is dying….or is it?

Nov 2019 – needs a clean up.

At lunch today I replied to a general tweet by @teacuptempest regards prostitution (from previous edit). I think she thought I was nuts…which I am…a little!

I have thought long and hard about this profession and this morning I think I came across another piece in the puzzle going forward.

This via The Age this morning.

This is one of if not the only way we are heading I think.

Why? well…hard line feminists are continuously putting pressure on the game with the aim of killing it deader than that poor Raven I saw on the road yesterday afternoon. And women I would argue with their march for equality (which I completely support BTW) are now slowly catching up to men IRT being able to work in a traditional way vice using your body which I must admit thinking about it now is odd. We seem content to allow sports people use and abuse their bodies for a buck but when it comes to sex that is a no go area? Another discussion for another day me thinks…

Thus I will state for the record right now that those women who sex work now and those in the future who choose this path will be the transition for new technology as per the article above which will give humans the requisite distance they desire from sex. After all, it’s what we all want isn’t it?

Sad really that we cant go the other way and just open up the whole fucking discussion and allow women and the odd male sex worker to enjoy the profession as I am sure it can be and more than likely is occasionally a really great form of work “when you want to work” employment (vice the current – employer says be here at…).

Case in point the sex working woman in Sydney who looks after disabled clients. What a wonderful woman!

Another point I wish to make is that maybe the days of the humble brothel in the outer suburbs/industrial area could cease to be as well or at the very least be reduced to one or two brothels vice 4 or 5 as there currently is…at least in my area. That is only the legal ones that people like me know about…as to the illegal…definitely another story for another day!

Why do I say this….? Well one factor is…In the days when I was visiting brothels regularly I noticed that it was quite impossible to be with the same woman regularly. I asked the question of the madam occasionally and got pretty much the same answer that she didn’t know when that particular woman would want to work again.

That was and will continues to be one of my main gripes with the profession in that rarely I was able to make a sexual connection with those women I ground away on top of and on the rare occasion that I did they weren’t working the next time nor were they interested in some private work.

Then there is the internets and the rise of good quality cheap porn to get a person off. Couple that with the advances in sex toy tech and you suddenly have a market that caters for the person who is quite happy to masturbate with the device of their choosing whilst watching HD porn on the web.

It makes for interesting times doesn’t it?

So maybe we will see prostitution as it currently exists slowly die off over the next 30 years to be replaced by futuristic sex-bots whom as the article says come with basically no risk of STI infection, not that it is an issue in today’s prostitution profession in the richer countries but across the board it is going to be a great thing to knock down transmission rates by a lot and unnecessary death due to HIV+ transmission in poorer countries. Something else I just thought about which I apologise for is the issue with sex trafficking (It is easy to forget about these women in my comfy Western capitalist society). Maybe sex-bots will at least take a chunk of possible earnings out of the pockets of the arseholes who traffic women across borders to sex-work? I certainly hope so anyway.

Whilst it isn’t perfect (and never will) I genuinely hope this is the path we tread because it is high time that women were offered similar sexual freedoms that men have enjoyed since the dawn of time.

This solution is good for equality.


p.s. Not completely happy with this post. Edited it again today but it still doesn’t flow. Hope those of you who read it can get the general gist and apologies in advance for the shit read.

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