The overheard comment…

At the local supermarket today with my door open just about to jump out when two young men crossed in front of the car…

The boy in front said “(I didn’t catch the boy’s name) said he fucked her in the arse…, don’t know if I believe him though”

These boys were roughly 15 or 16 years of age and I think I am assuming correctly that they don’t have a great deal of respect for women at that age based on how the statement came out of his mouth.

Makes you wonder, at least it does with me….What sexual education had this boy and his mate have received to be speaking about a female in that manner at that age”

Having said that, I wasn’t any better.  I know I spoke about female’s in that manner because it was cool and I desired the adoration that the cool kids received.

It never really stuck with me though because my mum taught me better than that thankfully.

This is why Australian men need education about their sexuality.  We are so backwards barely coming forward on this issue and I am sick of it.  I hear it at work from the boys that I work with and it shits me up the wall but I don’t take a stand for fear of being outed completely like the church going member of the crew is.  He has copped it bad and it is so wrong but the boss just stands by and lets it happen.

Fucking pathetic.


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