The Defence Skype scandal.

Updated July 2019.

Been following this drama from time to time and I just want to say this,

If even the small amount of detail that has made it to the mainstream media does not resoundingly support the need for better sexual education for young Men and Women preferably whilst at school then I wonder where your head actually is at?

These articles are easy to search for so do yourself a favour and view yet another version of the canyon between Men and Women which will never decrease unless we act in the interests of future generations and implement a quality curricula of sexual education covering all matter of topics as related to human sexuality.

Let’s please get serious on this issue. Sex must come out of the closet and just become the NORMAL HUMAN FUNCTION it is.

Time is of the essence if we are to actually evolve and in doing so, save lives.

But then again, maybe no one really wants too?


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