On paedophillia…again

I have written one blog on this subject and frankly I was happy with that.

Then, this morning there is this in The Age, so I thought I would throw my two cents worth in.

Overall, I am happy that more is being done to reduce this behaviour but for me it is just another reactive measure that might stop another 2-3% of this problem rearing its ugly head in the future as far as I am concerned.

Internet savvy paedophiles will always be one step ahead just like hackers are and I doubt there will many winners.

Sorry to be Mr Negative but really I hope those of you who read this blog can understand my take on this.

Until there comes a time where we can all get over ourselves and have a meaningful debate on our individual and collective sexuality we aren’t going to evolve as a species.

I cant see this happening in my lifetime unfortunately and thus I guess “reactive” and semi-offensive policing measures are all we have at our disposal at this time.

Its bloody sad that an awful lot of us are incredibly embarrassed by our bits and the sexual thoughts that we think.

I long for a day where people can just fess up to what they are thinking and then help could be offered to bring them back to society rather than being loners who have to hide away their sexuality/sexual psychology.

Being open and honest about sexuality is so refreshing and just frees up so much of your mind for other thoughts.

Anyway, that is my offload for this Sunday morning in the land of the embarrassed.


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