Ahh Australia…land of the embarrassed…!

Yup…that is what we are, generally speaking, if this article is anything to go by?
If I read correctly, an English teacher at a Geelong High School had to tend his resignation at the school he worked at yesterday because of “Threats of a walkout by fellow teachers and parents”.  How many exactly teachers and parents you ask?

We may never know but it must have been significant to have the school conduct an INVESTIGATION…WOOOOO!

Seriously, if we get our titties in a twist over a fucking English teacher being in porn video that yes had a FORMER student as his partner where are we exactly at IRT our sexual evolution in this country?

Don’t know about you but whatever you do in your private life is just that and yes whilst he or someone made the mistake of circulating it online I really would like us all just to grow up a little and maybe consider that sex has been around for a fair while now and is a fairly normal human function.

Must have been the blindfold I reckon that got everyone so bloody mad..!

Or maybe he grunted and moaned in class whilst reciting Shakespeare?

No wonder sex education doesn’t get a fair trial.

We so have a ways to go in this country…


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