This just aint good enough…

Domestic/family violence is on the rise in Victoria. Am not a conservative in the slightest…well, maybe a tiny, tiny bit but my thanks goes to Mary Wooldridge (Member for Doncaster) for taking action on this really shitty fact of Australian family living.  Nice to see Labor chipping in with the mandatory dig at it being too late…ah…politicians…they are a classy bunch?

Nearly 41,000 case reported to Police in 2010-2011 in Victoria if I read correctly. What about those assaults etc that weren’t reported? How many were there?

Scary to think about it isn’t it?

The article is here.

This is why I advocate a bigger place for sexual/relationship education in schools.  We have to start at the bottom up and educate the newest generation that this sort of behaviour is JUST NOT ON.

Further on that I finally got around to looking through a few sexual education links on the Victorian Dept of Education website and whilst it looked all above board and meaningful, it came across as hollow and just words with very little and quite subjective action attached.  They were my initial thoughts anyway.

Mind you I haven’t been part of these classes nor have I viewed teacher’s taking classes and teaching students but my guess is that a lot of this is still very embarrassing to a whole lot of people IMHO and thus my thoughts on genuine outcomes being achieved aren’t really positive at this point.  Yes, A message gets across but it could well be like the one class I had whilst at school where it just doesn’t sink in and then isn’t reinforced by the adults in your life which I would argue definately increases the chances of an individual(s) going off the track.

I would argue at this stage until some genuine political will is put behind this confronting and politically/emotionally charged subject ie: comprehensive sexual education, shit like domestic violence is going to continue occur at the current rate and will only get worse no matter what temporary or permanent roadblocks are put in its path.

I was intrigued with one point in the article, namely this “Early treatment for young people displaying inappropriate sexual behaviour or sexually abusive behaviour”.  I can understand needing to act on the abusive side but inappropriate sexual behaviour…? who is going to lay down the guidelines on this, and if so what are they?  Will be watching this space very closely and commenting on the public consultation process I think as that statement definately has the potential to be pushed way out of a fair and reasonable outcome for both sexes.

The respectful relationships stuff is good although this is where I am a little confused?

Currently (but I maybe wrong)…from what I could read it is only compulsory for schools to offer the sex education curriculum in Year 4 or 5 and then again in year 9.  Why only twice?  And how long is this subject taught for…a term?  a week?

Watch this space for more information on this subject and any teachers out there reading this, if you have any more information on this subject I would be genuinely happy to receive it if you want to share, anonymously or named…your call?


2 thoughts on “This just aint good enough…

  1. I guess they put more emphasis on the parents to educate their kids in these matters…but in Canada, we only got a week in Grade 5 and a week in Grade 9…and the focus was more on STD’s and pregnancy, than on conduct…
    The stats are sad.


  2. I agree but as I have said and as you know, parents come in all shapes, sizes and generally with oh so different opinions, blah blah blah and thus it is similar to buying a ticket in the lottery as to what education you may or may not get. It never ceases to amaze me that sexual education isn’t addressed better. We certainly are an interesting species…


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