Have I got a story for you!

Today I decided after much thought to visit a gay sauna…yes, you read correctly…a gay sauna!

I have come out as a baby bisexual on OKC and had been thinking about expanding my sexual possibilities for a while and figured, well, why not?

Generally speaking its my view that Women seem less concerned when it comes to choosing to bat for the other side be that temporarily or a full transfer.

Men on the other hand. Macho ain’t even close to dead yet.

Thankfully we are slowly getting there in this country after a few high profile sportspersons have come out.

And on said progress, thanks to Kylie Minogue for agreeing to be the guest of honour again at this years Mardi Gras parade in March. That will groove the community a few more steps forward with or without Margaret Court and her (I would content) seriously outdated opinions.

It made and does make sense to me to move into this area as meeting women is a slow and rigorous and unbalanced process in Australia, thus why not find other bisexual men who are comfortable with that side of their sexuality.

I think I genuinely like the idea of meeting up with a guy having some quick fun and moving on.

At this early stage I am aiming beginner-ish via the term “versatile” which according to my wonderful partner who has experience with gay men is neither a top nor a bottom.

That is my aim…open, versatile, safe, consensual, gentle and respectful sex.

As for the full blown male sex thing must admit to being not really interested in anal sex ATM but I wont rule it out with the right person be they man or woman with a strap on or pegging as it is called, good article here by the wonderful Charlie Glickman.

OK…onto the juicy bit.

I found the address thanks to Google and drove there late in the day. There were about 15 cars in the car park and thought, ok this could bode well possibly.

The place was all locked up and CCTV’d but they let me in after a few seconds. I paid the cash to enter got a quick spiel on what to do next and got buzzed through into the place itself.

Lockers on the left (found mine), stripped noticing an old fat man sitting up the end perving on me as I got naked…hmmm, great start but I was in his territory and thus will play by their rules.

Locked the locker, put the towel around my naked torso and moved on. Next were showers and toilets then a large spa. Had a quick shower, dried off and went past the spa which had another turn to the sauna (never have been a sauna type guy), so went to the bar and had a beer and read the paper.

There were 2 or 3 men cruising around. I glanced occasionally at them but just pretty much kept my head down which I thought was the best policy as a first timer.

FInished the paper and decided to have a bit of an explore. Further down the passageway where it was darker were cubicles and larger lockable rooms some with harness thingies hanging from the roof. Whoa! Definately in their world!

Also there was a porn room complete with the flat screen and gay porn for your viewing pleasure.

The pornography wasn’t too bad really, and I actually managed to get erect, so I did what I thought was obvious and pulled the little fella out and started stroking. Sure enough I heard footsteps soon and one guy looked and checked me out and dissapeared again only to reappear a minute or two later.

He walked in past me to the other side of the partition and I thought…false alarm.

What I didnt realise (because no one communicates in this world) was that there was a cubicle on the other side of the partition with a glory hole in it which I gather if I had stuck a finger into as women do in porn video’s I may have had a hard dick poked back out at me?

Anyway, that got boring after 20 or so minutes so I went back downstairs and jumped in the spa for a bit. Opened up communication with one guy and got a two word “something” back which I really didnt understand so got out, dried off and quit my first experience of being in a gay man’s world.

I dont know whether I will go back?

Maybe if I met that right bloke who was gentle, and could communicate what he was after.

What a crazy life tis…


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