Some positivity – Some of what I LOVE…about women.

OK, so I got on the soapbox a few weeks back, had my little whinge about online dating, got flamed, learnt something, got over it and have moved on considerably lighter baggage wise I might add.  Thank you to that commenter!

Met a woman from OKC yesterday for coffee which was really nice.  She is much prettier in the flesh than her photo depicts.

This got me thinking about how much I love women.  Women are everything  to me and they deserve complete equality in this world.  I think I value women in regards to honesty more than men but that is subjective as I have met some females in this life thus far who have not done/don’t do their gender any favours.  We all need to keep putting pressure on men in power so that slowly but surely a balance of some sort is achieved.  It will never be perfect but it can be a lot better than it currently is IMHO.

On the whole though women are just fucking amazing.

I love all the very many shapes of women.  I just love looking at them.  Dont like it when they cake on too much makeup as one woman does at work…for mine it takes away the natural beauty of the skin and its colour.

I love the softness of a woman’s skin and her smell.  Hate it though when she pours half a 44 gallon drum of perfume over her to hide it though.

I love mentally undressing a woman…a bloke thing maybe but hey, that’s how we roll!

All in all women are the bomb and face facts men, we would be absolutely fucked and a whole lot lonlier without them, so next time you notice something nice about a woman, respectfully offer a nice and concise comment.  Conversely, if she is being a complete twat, unload on her – nicely of course, just as you would for any man being a fucktard.

Females – It is an honour to share this planet with you.




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