What to do with the young people?

Found this link via my Twitter feed the other day and it is to do with a lady who has written a book about young people having sex.

Her name is Amy Schalet and this is her new book “Not under my roof”.  Here is a video from the website you may have just clicked on.  It is a good chat with a CNN host on the book and the issue of young people and sex.

This has always been a subject of interest to me, and especially so seeing I could very well have been one of the victims of no sex education in getting a girl pregnant at a very young age.

I am all for parents chilling out a bit and speaking to their kids about sex, and especially so after a sound sexual education program has been going at school hint, hint!.  This is mentioned in the CNN link above as a politicised issue….in 2011 STILL! (bloody sad IMHO).

That would have been a wonderful way to have been introduced to sex IMHO.  Mum and Dad nick off for the weekend leaving me armed with knowledge, condom’s, lubricant, massage oil, clean sheets etc.  Or even just allowing me to have a girl in my bed over night would have been wonderful even if we had only just fooled around or even if we had just talked.

This is why I crap on about sexual education.  I see it as being so very important in the growth of individuals.  We desperately need a really well run set of modules in all school’s curricula in the West and as an example of that you just need to look at the evidence presented from 2008 in the link above, ie: teen pregnancies in the US v The Netherlands.

Here are some figures from Australia which are a little old but nevertheless will give you a feel for how we are doing in comparison with the United States.  The Plumpton High website is quite a good peruse too so do please have a look around whilst you are there.

I think you will agree that we are doing OK but still nowhere near good enough.  We need to get this rate well under 10% and maybe in line with the Netherlands figure.

Proves we still have an awful long way to go in this country doesnt it?

Your thoughts?


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