Have I got a story for you!

Today I decided after much thought to visit a gay sauna…yes, you read correctly…a gay sauna!

I have come out as a baby bisexual on OKC and had been thinking about expanding my sexual possibilities for a while and figured, well, why not?

Generally speaking its my view that Women seem less concerned when it comes to choosing to bat for the other side be that temporarily or a full transfer.

Men on the other hand. Macho ain’t even close to dead yet.

Thankfully we are slowly getting there in this country after a few high profile sportspersons have come out.

And on said progress, thanks to Kylie Minogue for agreeing to be the guest of honour again at this years Mardi Gras parade in March. That will groove the community a few more steps forward with or without Margaret Court and her (I would content) seriously outdated opinions.

It made and does make sense to me to move into this area as meeting women is a slow and rigorous and unbalanced process in Australia, thus why not find other bisexual men who are comfortable with that side of their sexuality.

I think I genuinely like the idea of meeting up with a guy having some quick fun and moving on.

At this early stage I am aiming beginner-ish via the term “versatile” which according to my wonderful partner who has experience with gay men is neither a top nor a bottom.

That is my aim…open, versatile, safe, consensual, gentle and respectful sex.

As for the full blown male sex thing must admit to being not really interested in anal sex ATM but I wont rule it out with the right person be they man or woman with a strap on or pegging as it is called, good article here by the wonderful Charlie Glickman.

OK…onto the juicy bit.

I found the address thanks to Google and drove there late in the day. There were about 15 cars in the car park and thought, ok this could bode well possibly.

The place was all locked up and CCTV’d but they let me in after a few seconds. I paid the cash to enter got a quick spiel on what to do next and got buzzed through into the place itself.

Lockers on the left (found mine), stripped noticing an old fat man sitting up the end perving on me as I got naked…hmmm, great start but I was in his territory and thus will play by their rules.

Locked the locker, put the towel around my naked torso and moved on. Next were showers and toilets then a large spa. Had a quick shower, dried off and went past the spa which had another turn to the sauna (never have been a sauna type guy), so went to the bar and had a beer and read the paper.

There were 2 or 3 men cruising around. I glanced occasionally at them but just pretty much kept my head down which I thought was the best policy as a first timer.

FInished the paper and decided to have a bit of an explore. Further down the passageway where it was darker were cubicles and larger lockable rooms some with harness thingies hanging from the roof. Whoa! Definately in their world!

Also there was a porn room complete with the flat screen and gay porn for your viewing pleasure.

The pornography wasn’t too bad really, and I actually managed to get erect, so I did what I thought was obvious and pulled the little fella out and started stroking. Sure enough I heard footsteps soon and one guy looked and checked me out and dissapeared again only to reappear a minute or two later.

He walked in past me to the other side of the partition and I thought…false alarm.

What I didnt realise (because no one communicates in this world) was that there was a cubicle on the other side of the partition with a glory hole in it which I gather if I had stuck a finger into as women do in porn video’s I may have had a hard dick poked back out at me?

Anyway, that got boring after 20 or so minutes so I went back downstairs and jumped in the spa for a bit. Opened up communication with one guy and got a two word “something” back which I really didnt understand so got out, dried off and quit my first experience of being in a gay man’s world.

I dont know whether I will go back?

Maybe if I met that right bloke who was gentle, and could communicate what he was after.

What a crazy life tis…


Some positivity – Some of what I LOVE…about women.

OK, so I got on the soapbox a few weeks back, had my little whinge about online dating, got flamed, learnt something, got over it and have moved on considerably lighter baggage wise I might add.  Thank you to that commenter!

Met a woman from OKC yesterday for coffee which was really nice.  She is much prettier in the flesh than her photo depicts.

This got me thinking about how much I love women.  Women are everything  to me and they deserve complete equality in this world.  I think I value women in regards to honesty more than men but that is subjective as I have met some females in this life thus far who have not done/don’t do their gender any favours.  We all need to keep putting pressure on men in power so that slowly but surely a balance of some sort is achieved.  It will never be perfect but it can be a lot better than it currently is IMHO.

On the whole though women are just fucking amazing.

I love all the very many shapes of women.  I just love looking at them.  Dont like it when they cake on too much makeup as one woman does at work…for mine it takes away the natural beauty of the skin and its colour.

I love the softness of a woman’s skin and her smell.  Hate it though when she pours half a 44 gallon drum of perfume over her to hide it though.

I love mentally undressing a woman…a bloke thing maybe but hey, that’s how we roll!

All in all women are the bomb and face facts men, we would be absolutely fucked and a whole lot lonlier without them, so next time you notice something nice about a woman, respectfully offer a nice and concise comment.  Conversely, if she is being a complete twat, unload on her – nicely of course, just as you would for any man being a fucktard.

Females – It is an honour to share this planet with you.




Online Porn – The Good & The Bad.

OK…here is a bit of a rough and ready rundown on online porn as I see it.

GOOD: I love to see women in full sexual arousal and for mine you usually find that in amateur sex scenes filmed on the household camera with low light, ordinary sound and not so great vision but all in all is well worth it for the sexual energy that is displayed by WILLING and genuinely aroused participants.

BAD: I rarely watch anything that is fancily produced with the exception of I Feel Myself which is brilliantly and tastefully filmed and is worth every cent that you will pay to watch it.

For mine, in mainstream porn the women are acting aroused and are in it for the cash only which is only giving more ammunition to those who want to see porn vanish from the human map of sexuality. Having said all this about mainstream porn there are a lot of cross-over’s such as the bangbus series and MILF stuff in which they (the producers/directors) try to make it seem all amateur and hot but really it is just lower level porn stars doing the mum thing or the university student at the bus stop etc. Not my thing at all, but it might be your thing?

BAD: I do hate it that it seems accepted in mainstream porn for the woman to be fucked relentlessly and then like a dog beg for a load on the face or in the mouth. It seems to be a standard script. No wonder a lot of women are turned off by porn. That is boring, scripted crap.

Another thing I hate whilst we are on the subject of semen is when you see a man come and then put his cock back inside the woman….poor form IMHO. (You don’t see it as much as you did in the 70’s and 80’s but it is still around) BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR SPERM!

GOOD: I also have a thing for sex outdoors or quickies as you find occasionally surfing porn. There have been many memorable orgasms had by this bloke when watching a male and female get stuck straight into some hot sex “au naturale” and move together until orgasm.

BAD: What is it with piss-poor condom use in porn?

I want to see more condoms used and I want to see it now. Men need to sort their shit out on this issue as it is starting to piss me off. On the subject of women not getting looked after equally ie: cunnilingus, what is it with the scripted mainstream shit, a lot of it anyway but maybe it has changed where the male expects fellatio for 15 minutes but goes down on the female for 2 minutes…WTF?

GOOD: I like to watch different stuff. Some of it grosses me out but there is all sorts of odd stuff which only confirms my 101 or more different flavours of sex point. As a few examples, just this morning I have watched a women enjoy sitting on a lava lamp (maybe she got off on the heat as well?). There was also a link of a woman taking a small fire-extinguisher inside her….whoa! (probably 150mm in diameter), a guy taking a massive dildo in the bum and transexual sex. Human sexuality never ceases to amaze me.

GOOD: I love to see women and their take on sex. An example is the few clips of young legal women masturbating in bed while their brother looks on? They do all the talking in these clips and it is pretty hot I can tell you. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN HEARING A WOMAN TALK DIRTY IMHO! Same goes for the link above in the IFeelMyself videos where young women talk about their fantasies and masturbate etc….fantastic, MORE MORE!

BAD: I don’t like watching young people having exploitative sex. An example is a Max Hardcore (I think?) clip that was on the site I check out regularly which was between a man and a very young looking but probably still barely legal girl. I clicked on it and watched it for about 10 seconds before killing it because I was pissed off that it was on the site. It had disappeared off the feed in the morning so their must have been some complaints over night? Children need access to sexual education and parents who can be open and honest about sexuality instead of exploitation so they can be eased into adult sexuality but there is a whole lot of people out there who don’t want that to happen and that is bloody sad.

In summary there is plenty not to like about online porn but it does a whole lot of good too.

This is where I think the religious right and some others lose the plot. Sexual freedom is something I argue should be mandatory for all so you can choose your own path after learning about all the different flavours of sexuality.

Porn brings that knowledge I would argue and whilst it needs cleaning up in a lot of areas that is achievable if we band together put pressure on those parts of the industry that stuff it up

Porn gave me a sexual education where none was offered by my parents and by the state. If it can help one boy become a man it can do it for a whole lot more and especially so if those who depose sexual education by the state want to continue their protest in stopping/limiting sexual education in schools.

Lastly, please engage me in debate via a comment or three on porn. I look forward to reading where you are at on it.


What to do with the young people?

Found this link via my Twitter feed the other day and it is to do with a lady who has written a book about young people having sex.

Her name is Amy Schalet and this is her new book “Not under my roof”.  Here is a video from the website you may have just clicked on.  It is a good chat with a CNN host on the book and the issue of young people and sex.

This has always been a subject of interest to me, and especially so seeing I could very well have been one of the victims of no sex education in getting a girl pregnant at a very young age.

I am all for parents chilling out a bit and speaking to their kids about sex, and especially so after a sound sexual education program has been going at school hint, hint!.  This is mentioned in the CNN link above as a politicised issue….in 2011 STILL! (bloody sad IMHO).

That would have been a wonderful way to have been introduced to sex IMHO.  Mum and Dad nick off for the weekend leaving me armed with knowledge, condom’s, lubricant, massage oil, clean sheets etc.  Or even just allowing me to have a girl in my bed over night would have been wonderful even if we had only just fooled around or even if we had just talked.

This is why I crap on about sexual education.  I see it as being so very important in the growth of individuals.  We desperately need a really well run set of modules in all school’s curricula in the West and as an example of that you just need to look at the evidence presented from 2008 in the link above, ie: teen pregnancies in the US v The Netherlands.

Here are some figures from Australia which are a little old but nevertheless will give you a feel for how we are doing in comparison with the United States.  The Plumpton High website is quite a good peruse too so do please have a look around whilst you are there.

I think you will agree that we are doing OK but still nowhere near good enough.  We need to get this rate well under 10% and maybe in line with the Netherlands figure.

Proves we still have an awful long way to go in this country doesnt it?

Your thoughts?