Male magazines…

I found this gem from the ever reliable anti-porn and anti-prostitution campaigner Dr Caroline Norma on Twitter the other day.

Go on, have a read and make up your own mind.

Then, there is this link where the obvious conservative prude MP Claire Curtis-Thomas is quite happy with herself and the power she has wielded…? (as an aside I am quite wary of statistics where they are a number but the amount of people surveyed is not given, nor where they come from, family voting background etc etc…100% of girls my arse!)

For me I am sad that we as a society cant embrace our sexuality even now in 2011 and must resort to locking it away behind covers etc etc.

Cant anyone see that the Church tried this, albeit a different tack for umpteen years and it hasn’t worked?

You cant lock sex down like some wild beast and expect it to stay there. People will find a way to express their sexuality and it is this attitude precisely that I would argue creates a lot of the issues with sexuality such as rape and sexual assault and the list goes on.

The lack of sexual communication.

It starts with parents whom are too ashamed to teach their kids about sex and or teach them “their” take on it which as I have said previously could be fucking anything???

Why cant we just educate kids at school about all this type of stuff. Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier? At least that way they would know the where societies head is at IRT a particular genre of sexuality and thus could make up their own mind to either be responsible or suffer the consequences.

I just don’t get the conservative approach to life…?

For mine it is fucked up.


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