Updated July 2019.

Originally posted December 2011.

I didn’t really want to write anything about this side of sexuality but in order to progress towards some sort of meaningful balance on this blog I think I need to lay down an opinion on what I consider a very odd form of sexual behaviour.

Generally speaking it seems to be an older Man thing.

Well, that is the stereotype that I have witnessed in this lifetime but we wouldn’t be human if there werent younger men and occasionally a woman or two who have a stash of young male/female pornography that gets them off.

I must admit to pretty much ignoring it for the most part of my life with the exception of when a really disgusting case was plastered across the media and also when that young ABC presenter was charged with possessing child pornography.

It is yet another fine example of the 101 flavours of sexuality that permeate the human condition.

As for what we do about it as a society?

The defensive approach we currently employ and have employed over time works but it just keeps it hidden away ensuring we throw inenemerable policing resources at it in an effort to contain it to as smaller part of our society as possible.

Then we have the newer approach, a byproduct of the internet age which is attempting to find and identify people who engage in this sort of sexual behaviour using the internet as their chosen method of communication.

This partially semi-offensive approach as I will call it is where law enforcement agencies monitor some internet traffic using I gather advanced packet sniffers to try to locate these networks and then interact and try to build a case to shut them down and hopefully prosecute said offenders.

And that unfortunately is about the best solution we have available at this point in time that I know of anyway.

In looking ahead, is there any light on the horizon in regards to this dark side of sexuality?

From where I sit writing this now I am of the opinion that we will eventually shine the light on paedophillia.

It may take some time but I think (eventually) discussion must occur about this side of our sexual selves and from that discussion we may actually find a way to look at it differently and maybe we will find the solution.

One great hope is the slow and steady rise of female sexuality and its normalisation within society.

My Twitter feed daily throws up numerous articles on sexuality and in these discussions I hope the stigma will die away leaving the subject bare and ripe to be tossed around in our minds.

A good example of this is the current debate on same-sex marriage.

Education as I crap on about regularly would help us with this difficult subject to.

This is just another module that could be included in a well laid out subject curriculum that might help the time come that we can be better on this subject one day.

And that folks is my brief take on paedophillia.

Keep talking and keep loving.


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